The Legend of The Trumpeter of Atherton

World of Storm and Fury: World Facts and Lore: The Legend of The Trumpeter of Atherton
Atherton Cathedral, in that great southern city of Lys, uses a trumpet call rather than a tolling bell to summon the Faithful of Yarelae to Services. The reason is known far and wide on the basis of this great legend:

The Laetitia Province of Lys Kingdom has long been a generally peaceful place, and the City of Atherton is no longer walled, nor was it two centuries ago and more, now, when fierce barbarian warbands from the Western Wastes did rampage across the White River on their steppe ponies, bringing death and woe even this far east. The household cavalry of the Earl of Atherton and the city Municipal Guard did mount what defense they could, while refugees streamed from the countryside, filling to overflowing the two large defensible structures, the Castle Keep and the Cathedral.

Yet there were far too many barbarians, they soon overran most of the city, setting much of it ablaze. And while others who had survived to see the dawn sheltered behind walls, one young man could see the fires below raging, watched as the sun came up and the barbarians below drank and looted and set more fires. For he was still at his post, amidst the smoke rising from the burning city, at the top floor of the highest of the onion dome towers.

He was the a Trumpeter of Atherton, and as such, it was his duty to sound out the tune of the Hyndal at the appointed hour for Church Services. (A secondary duty of his was to watch for fires, but at that time he clearly had no one to report the fires below to.) He had sworn a solemn Oath before Yarelae to never waver from his duty while strength remained in his body--yet he knew though the barbarians below had not yet seen him up in his perch, to play the trumpet now would bring quite deadly attention.

Being a young man both Brave and True, when the proper time came, he stood and nervously put his trumpet to his lips. He was shaking as he played, at first the notes were weak and wavering, but within a few bars of the Hyndal, his rendition was as fine as any Trumpeter of Atherton had ever achieved.

And down below, those barbarian warriors, at least those who had not passed out from drink, ceased in what they were doing, to look up through the pall of smoke hanging over the city, first in surprise, then in awe, even as the notes of the Hyndal continued to sound in the morning air, ringing out above the noise of wind and flames.

The Trumpeter was over two-thirds complete with the tune when the spell was broken for the barbarians. Several of them loaded and knocked their crossbows, then let fly the bolts up towards the top of the Cathedral's highest spire. And one bolt took that gallant young man directly in the throat, and the Hyndal stopped suddenly, cut off at the last note he had managed to play.

A Lys Army, led by the Husaria, arrived within a month, and drove the barbarians back across the White River. Those Knights of Lys heard this tale then, and told and retold it throughout the Realm. And to this day, though every Trumpeter of Atherton is required to learn the complete tune of the Hyndal, none has ever played it from the Cathedral tower beyond that last note played by that brave Trumpeter cut down more than two hundred years ago, in honour of that young man whose name is lost to history.

And that is why a trumpet call, rather than a tolling bell, calls the Faithful of Yarelae to Services at the Cathedral of Atherton.
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