The Privyet Lily

World of Storm and Fury: World Facts and Lore: The Privyet Lily
The Privyet Lily is an exceedingly rare plant that has astounding curative properties and is a component of many a powerful healing spell, to find just one of these Lilies could supply enough material to cure 100 serious illnesses. The only known habitation of these small white lilies with distinctive orange veins through the petals is deep within the dangerous and foul expanses of the Privyet Marshes.

The curative abilities of this plant are well-known throughout southern Oortesia, and so samples of this specimen will fetch high prices in most of the major cities of the south. Every year dozens of men disappear forever in the vast marshes in search of this source of health and wealth.

Medicines and elixiers made with the Privyet Lily are a major source of exports from many of the southern city-states to northern Oortesia. Hence, these cargoes is oft-stolen from ships and trade caravans, since it is easy to carry and valuable. Enterprising bandits and pirates have been known to find out about an outbreak of illness for which some of these medicines are the known cure, then plan and ambush the likely shipments, and sell the medicine themselves to the place of need. Thus, these medicinal shipments are generally heavily guarded.
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