The jewel of great beauty known as the Dragon's Tooth

World of Storm and Fury: World Facts and Lore: The jewel of great beauty known as the Dragon's Tooth
The Dragon's Tooth is the critical component of a Dragonlance, forming the tip which, if the brave wielder can hold it perfectly still before the eyes of a dragon, it will hold the dragon in thrall, hypnotized as it stares into the beauty of the jewel. There is also a report that it once held Lizardytes in thrall in a skirmish south of Roenville.

These jewels are extremely hard and perfectly clear, forming a natural point like a lance tip (or the incisor of a dragon, hence the name). Their extreme clarity will cause a rainbow of pure colours of light to reflect from the surface, depending on the lighting conditions. Lore says they are found only in certain very rare rock formations, a good mining engineer would recognize the possible locales. And there are no known cases of them working at night, apparently the bright daylight is required to bring out the beauty and clarity of the jewel in order to attract the eyes of a dragon.

Because of their extreme rarity, use as a weapon and surreal beauty, the value of a Dragon's Tooth jewel is astronomical. They would never be found for sale in stores or outfitters, most known examples are held in the armouries of Great Houses, attached to Dragonlances against the need to defend from a dragon attack.
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