The Flower of Betrayal

World of Storm and Fury: World Facts and Lore: The Flower of Betrayal
According to lore, the 'Flower of Betrayal' be a quite ugly vine, which doth produce a beautiful white flower, but only after the plant shall be frozen with ice around its shoots...And as the only known locale of this most particular plant be atop a massif, along the Okavanga River at the southern extremites of the Desert of Drenshara, such ice enclosure should be exceedingly rare.

Yet, accourding to rumour, hearsay, and legend, this one unique plant of the World of Storm and Fury doth indeed exist, at a hairpin bend in the Okavanga River...The Okavanga Nomads have been heard to relate this same tale about their 'Flower of the Goddess'... 'Tis said there be an Imperial Fortress looming over--not to protect the plant, but instead to warn away those who might venture unawares into its trap, however remote the location may be.

For 'tis whispered far and wide, this plant, this ugly vine, be motile and meat-eating, able to move short distances very quickly, ensnaring its prey, then making quick the kill with acidic thorns which can penetrate any known armour. Furthermore, the plant be impervious to fire, or acid, upon itself, or indeed any quick alchemical reaction which might seek to make fast changes on the local natural order.

But the most significant characteristic of the vine, 'tis said, be simply this, that within a distance of a few yards of the presence of even a small cutting of this vine, even when dead, no magics, neither artifact, nor spell, not alchemy, not necromancy, not even the magics of spirits or gods, has even been seen to perform in any manner.

And there be those who whisper, the secret of how to harvest cuttings from this plant be known to the Eastern Empire, that their ranking nobles, their officials, their soldiers be in posession of such cuttings which do preserve the natural order near in stasis, creating around them holes in the tapestry of the supernatural....
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