The Inner Sea

World of Storm and Fury: Seas Around Oortesia: The Inner Sea
The Inner Sea lies between the shores of northern Lys, the east coastline of the Desert of Drenshara, and the southern shoreline of Skylding Vorhooven. A warm swift current circulates generally clockwise around the sea, which usually keeps the Inner Sea free of ice all winter, and also carries moisture in the air to the east of the Virge Mountains, thus creating the Desert to the west.

Though Skylding Norse longboats do ply these waters, in general the coastline tends to be high rock cliffs which do not lend themselves well to landing and making swift raids. From the Lys Kingdom ports to the south, fishing fleets sally forth much of the year. And the Lys Revenue Patrol operates extensively on these waters, both with lifeboat services and interdiction efforts, directed against both Skylding raiders and smugglers moving goods across the Desert of Drenshara and into Lys through the small hamlets of Atwater Province.

Despite the relative warmth of these waters year round, in the winter when cold air meets the warm water violent storms can erupt without warning. Thus the Inner Sea is quite treacherous in winter.

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