Ships which sail the seas of the World

World of Storm and Fury: Seas Around Oortesia: Ships which sail the seas of the World

Write here of adventures and battles aboard a ship. The ship can be posted on this page, the first post should be the details of the ship (look at other posted ships for examples). Then, the location and movements of the ship can be posted on the sea, or at the dock or in port, by the captain. Anyone getting off the ship moves from the ship area in this thread, to the place the ship is (so if someone falls overboard, they suddenly appear in the middle of the sea!). Boarding the ship is the reverse, move from the area where the ship is located currently, and into the ship area.

The idea is, events and conversations can happen aboard the ship with greater continuity as the ship moves about the sea. If there is a sea battle, the sea areas will be less cluttered. Only the movements of the ships posted by the captains, as well as any character who ends up in the water, will show up in the sea area. The hand to hand fighting of the boarding action will take place in the appropriate ship area thread, eliminating confusion as to who is on which ship.

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