Privyet Marshes

World of Storm and Fury: Lands of Oortesia: Privyet Marshes
The Privyet Marshes are a collection of large wet regions, suggesting that in the past something created several large dips in the loose soil that then became soaked by the waters of the Black Bay. Now the land is unsuitable for habitation, most of it is filled with deceiving random points of soil, grass and earth, it is hard to tell where it is safe to step and where it is not, for stepping in the wrong place can mean dissappearing under the marsh into quicksand and never being seen again, those wearing armour are especially in danger.

Interestingly to some these marshes are the only known home of a rare snake, simply known as the Privyet snake, it grows to roughly 5 meters in length and prefers to swallow it's prey whole, stories have been told of this snake swallowing horses, this is unlikely, but Halflings ought not to venture here.

Due to the nature of the swamp it has not been mapped, the constant mist that covers the swamp does not help in this regard either adding another danger to entering this swamp, it is easy to get lost upon loosing sight of the surround clear land and the almost complete silence that covers the swamp lends more towards it's eerie nature.

The question may be asked why venture int othe swamp considering it's dangers, the answer lies in the Privyet Lily, an exceedingly rare plant that has astounding curative properties and is a component of many a powerful healing spell, to find just one of these Lilies could supply enough material to cure 100 serious illnesses.

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A small band of Hunters moved through the swamp, the Outpost needed feeding and they were doing what they did best.

With their powerful senses and almost unnatural speed the small band of 7 Hunters dashed about through the misty swamp, sniffing and listening for signs of food. Something slithered by, that Privyet snake was too large, they'd loose too many of their number to take that one on, fortunately the snake realised that it'd loose too and left them alone.

Passing a clutch of Privyet lillies one of the Hunters noticed a decomposing corpse, it was one of the pink-skins, they came here every now and then, and usually didn't leave. The nature of the swamp caused fast decomposition so this corpse was quite new, perhaps a 7-sun old?

The corse was quickly forgotton as the group found 2 Raubecks, it was unusual for these grazing creaturs from the nearby plains to venture into the swamp, but it happened, so the Hunters quickly took down both animals and returned to their Outpost home, it would be good eating for the next few days.

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