The Lowlands

World of Storm and Fury: Lands of Oortesia: The Lowlands
The Lowlands are a verdant region of southeastern Oortesia. With a subtropical climate, gently rolling hills and the Oort River running through providing plenty of water, two harvests a year are quite normal here. Most crops will do well, vines, orchards and berries are quite commonly tended on a large scale, and the sparse forests are also quite bountiful without even taking the effort to farm. Game abounds, though it tends to be smaller, lacking the large bears, elks and such found in the north.

There are few natural obstacles here other than the Oort River and the seashore, this coupled with the fruitful bounty of the lands has led to the rise of city-states which protect a region for somewhere between twenty and fifty miles around, rather than the large nations found elsewhere in Oortesia. Raiders from Nangrar and Skylding Vorhooven are a constant threat, but such are generally more interested in carrying off slaves and valuables rather than wrecking crops and villages--unfortunate for those robbed or enslaved, but leaving the land productive when they leave.

There are several prosperous city-states here, Xevenox is by far the largest. Others include Poccnr and Kassl. Historically, wars have been rare in the Lowlands, rarely much more than raids and dynastic feuds between Magnates, the wealthy trading families who are The Lowlands version of noble rulesr. Most of these conflict were small skirmishes which rarely had much effect.

All this has changed now, since the a large army from the Eastern Empire has come to lay siege to Xevenox in the past few months, along with a blockade by the Nangrar High Seas Navy. Imperial troops also garrison nearby villages and keeps, and cavalry patrol the roads to keep supplies flowing to the army. There is considerable dissent amongst the other city-states regarding how to respond, after all, the Eastern Empire is paying for their supplies, and their troops are reasonably well-disciplined. But fail to provide the supplies the Empire orders, and troops show up to enforce the order.

Thus, trade in the region has slowed to a fraction of what it was last year, and Imperial encampments and siege works are tearing up the fields near Xevenox. Rock quarries are being emptied of boulders for the catapaults to sling over the Xevenox walls. Roads are frequently blocked, or one-direction travel enforced when a supply convoy is on the road. This has been partially made up for by the trade with the Imperial Army, for those who will undertake such.

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