Desert of Drenshara

World of Storm and Fury: Lands of Oortesia: Desert of Drenshara
The Desert of Drenshara lies in northern Oortesia, north of the Okavanga River and west of the Virge Mountains. The land is mostly a desolate mixture of rocks and sand, though there are a few sand dune regions. There is little vegetation, and the few animals living here are well adapted to going for extended periods without water--including the human nomads living in the desert, for stronger clans push the weaker away from the cooler west and the Okavanga River to the south.

Though far north, the Drenshara is not only dry, but normally quite warm by day year round, and frigid at night, particularly in winter when heat soon escapes into the air. The reason for the daily heat and lack of moisture is a warm current which flows clockwise around the Inner Sea--The warm seawater leaves warm dry air to the west, the clouds are trapped by the Virge Mountains.

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