Skylding Vorhooven

World of Storm and Fury: Lands of Oortesia: Skylding Vorhooven
The northern peninsula of Oortesia is home to the fierce Skylding Norsemen, their settlements form a loose federation of clans across this bleak and cold rocky land. The southern coastline along the Inner Sea is the warmest, but the least hospitable in terms of land, and so most live in the colder parts to the north and east. With little growing land and very short growing seasons in any event, most food here comes from hunting and fishing, the few green valleys are perpetual battlegrounds, controlled by the most powerful clans. Only a meagre living can be scraped out here, and so the elite warriors of the clans embark on yearly campaigns in their longboats, sailed by their slave crews, to raid and pillage amidst the civilized lands to the south, then escape by river and sea before armed forces can be brought to oppose them.

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