World of Storm and Fury: Lands of Oortesia: Nangrar

Most of the island of Nangrar is covered in a green and humid jungle, for the barbarian nation has made little progress against nature. The weather here varies between warm and humid in the winter, to hot and sweltering in the summer. Only right on the shoreline is there typically any cooling breeze. And using a pond or river to cool off in can be quite dangerous, though necessary, since very big and ferocious beasts also use the water to cool down.

Following the Peace of Nangrar which ended the latest succession civil war, Regent Jolon is recognized by most here as Ruler of All Nangrar. A few rebels still hold out in the deep jungles, but the Regent now seems firmly in control, and a battalion of Husaria, the vaunted Winged Horsemen of Lys, are stationed on the large island to supplement the regular Nangrar Impis in maintaining control, as well as beating off raids by Skylding Norsemen and by Lizardytes.

There are two cities on the east coast, the capitol, Hlepmaakar to the south, and Coventry towards the north. Coventry was devastated by the Lizardytes during the civil war, but since the Peace it has experienced some rebuilding, and the jungle no longer threatens to overgrow the city. These cities, and the strip of coastline between, are the traditional landholdings of the City Clans, wealthy barbarians who generally affect civilized clothing and decoration in their houses, though often garishly grouped in terms of colours and materials, showing little refinement or taste (anyone used to the sophistication of the modern cities of Oortesia will find the dress of most Nangrar Lords quite mismatched). Most of the crops grown in Nangrar are along the east coast, though the City Lords do send their slaves to harvest the bounty of the near jungle and sea as well.

The jungle reaches across the rest of the island are sparesely populated, and the provinence of the Jungle Clans, as well as other very dangerous animals. Unlike the stone and stucco of the cities, the jungle dwellings are of wood, mainly bamboo, fashioned into walled compounds of several two-storey buildings. Where the Lords of a Jungle Clan are wealthy, furnishings bought or plundered from civilized lands fill the interiour of the buildings. The poorer Clans make do with what they can fashion from the jungles, until they can acquire such posessions of their own, often from the City Clans, or other Jungle Clans. The jungles are hunted and harvested for natural bounty, though many of the compounds do have significant garden plots.

The various Clans are led by the City Lords or Jungle Lords, a ruling aristocracy of men who generally solve their differences with combat, though sometimes gold does suffice to obtain cooperation. The wives of the Lords of Nangrar are generally not considered Ladies unless they were foreign-born nobility.

The Clan Lords maintain their grip through the Impis, warriors organized into a sort of combination of household infantry regiments (fighting from horseback is well nigh impossible in the jungle, though swaths of trees are being cleared away to make roads for the Husaria to use) and loyal retainers. Most of the rest of the population in Nangrar are slaves, bought or stolen from lands in Oortesia, or sometimes warriors who lost a major battle and their families. Slaves perform domestic work, construction, serve as bodyguards, but there are also well-educated foreign-born slaves who are advisors, and pretty girls who can lead a quite comfortable life, particularly in the cities.

Outside of the port areas of the cities, business establishments such as taverns, stores, smithys and other types commonplace in most of the civilized world are extremely rare. Most of the needs of the Lords and the warriors of the Impis are taken care of by slaves. Thus, it can be quite difficult for a foreigner to travel here, without having contacts amongst the Jungle Clans.

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