The Eastern Empire

World of Storm and Fury: Lands of Oortesia: The Eastern Empire
The Eastern Empire is by any measure an immense grouping of peoples and lands under one Rule. Now in the third year of her Reign, the Empress Jillian rules supreme over more than 25 million subjects and lands that stretch from Horseshoe Bay all the way to both the Outer Sea and the Sea of Gallahad. Member nations include Kordal, Lys, and Nangrar, as well as the Okavanga Nomads. And within the past few months, an Imperial Army has lain siege to the wealthy southern city-state of Xevenox in the Lowlands.

Three cities serve as capitols of the Empire: Kordalburg, Constantia, and Hlepmaakar. The grand Winter Palace is under construction at Kordalburg, highway improvements are underway (along with tolls added to the main roads now), and ports and public works projects are in progress as prosperity begins to touch even places that had once been the hinterlands. A new Imperial Fleet is being built in the Morro Isles, intended to supplement the capabilities of the small but oceangoing Nangrar High Seas Navy. However slowly, change is indeed coming to all the lands within the boundaries of the Eastern Empire, and even for many of the lands without.

Click here to view a map of the Eastern Empire.

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