The East Coast of the Desert

World of Storm and Fury: Lands of Oortesia: Desert of Drenshara: The East Coast of the Desert
The warm current of the Inner Sea carries moisture in the air away from this dry coastal area of rock and sand. Though a relatively temperate part of the desert, nights here can be bitterly cold, especially in winter. And the dry air under a summer sun beating down with little shade to be had on these desolate broken lands will feel quite hot from not long after sunrise.

Though not immediately apparent, these poor lands are actually sparsely populated. For the powerful Okavanga Nomads, with the help of their Goddess Jillian, have driven other tribes away from the river region of the southern desert. Those thusly displaced must therefore eke out a living here, scraping a sustinence level livelihood out of what food and water these poor lands can provide. Structures and even tents are rare, for there is little in the way of resources to build such. Most of these tough, emaciated inhabitants huddle in caves, moving about over the course of the year to find food, using the shade of the rocks by day and digging into the sand against the bitter cold of night.

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