Lands of the Okavanga Nomads

World of Storm and Fury: Lands of Oortesia: Desert of Drenshara: Lands of the Okavanga Nomads

These hard, leathery people inhabit the eastern and southern reaches of the Desert of Drenshara. By chance, a couple of years ago some of their number were instrumental in saving from a Lizardite attack along the Okavanga River, some number of refugees fleeing into the desert in the aftermath of the Hornstaad Rebellion, including then-Lady Jillian shortly after her return from Nangrar. A dozen of these fierce desert-bred fighters accompanied the Lady Jillian (whom they consider a goddess) on her trek to Kordal, where the Eastern Empire would be founded later that year. Given advanced weapons by their Goddess-Empress Jillian, they now control vast swaths of desert territory, and the trade routes between elf and man that cross the desert. A hundred of their finest warriors are now part of the household of the Empress as bodyguards.

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